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Modestique Designs was established in 2018 by Jael Guerin. Due to her passion for modesty and femininity, she decided to create Modestique Designs after realising the rarity of modest and classic dresses, specifically occasional wear for the women that want to cover up and look elegant at the same time.
Having a background in textiles she decided to further her skills as a seamstress. She began designing and creating dresses and skirts that represented her faith and the love of being decently dressed in clothes that are nothing less than classic. Her style is inspired by the 1950's retro and swing silhouette dresses. 
With elegant and feminine pieces Modestique Designs strives to bring back the love of modest clothing which our customers will love whilst looking sophisticated at the same time. 

All our products are handmade with love to provide quality and unique pieces to all our customers. 
Thank you for supporting this small family owned business and buying from us!